Powerful vertical fogger with 6pcs 3Watt-RGB LED’s
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EANCODE: 5420025648929



  • Powerful vertical fogger with 6pcs 3Watt-RGB LED’s.
  • Simulates CO2 jet effects.
  • Can be used upside-down to create downward jets.
  • Controllable via:
    • 4 DMX channels
    • Wireless remote control (included)
  • Equipped with a die cast 900W heater
  • To ensure proper operation, it is very important to use the prescribed fluids.
  • The use of other fluids may cause malfunctions and breakdowns.
  • Please check the serial number of your device to know the correct fluid:
    • Serial number beginning with 1611 or 1701: only use ANTARI FLG-5 fog fluid (order code: B04838).
    • Serial number beginning with 1711 or higher: only use ANTARI FLC-5 fog fluid (order code: B04834).

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

General : Dimensions (cm) 34 x 25 x 13
General : Weight (kg) 5.5
General : Powerinput AC 240V, 50Hz
General : Energy Label No
General : Power consumption W 950
General : Color black
General : Display LED
General : IP rating indoor
Control : Modes remote, DMX
Control : Type included remote Wireless Remote
Control : maximum DMX channels 4
Fx : liquid consumption /
Fx : liquid type Smoke
Fx : tank capacity in L 2.5
Connections : input 3 pin XLR, Schuko CEE 7/7
Connections : output 3 pin XLR
EANCode 5420025648929

Manual & Downloads

Manual & Downloads

View FileCOLOR JET Manual V1.1 EN    Size: (2.08 MB) COLOR JET Manual V1.1 English
View FileCOLOR JET Manual V1.1 NL    Size: (1.87 MB) COLOR JET Manual V1.1 Nederlands
View FileCOLOR JET Manual V1.1 FR    Size: (1.96 MB) COLOR JET Manual V1.1 Français
View FileCOLOR JET Manual V1.1 DE    Size: (1.88 MB) COLOR JET Manual V1.1 Deutsch
View FileCOLOR JET Manual V1.1 ES    Size: (1.88 MB) COLOR JET Manual V1.1 Español
View FileCOLOR JET Manual V1.1 PT    Size: (1.93 MB) COLOR JET Manual V1.1 Português
View FileCOLOR JET EC Declaration    Size: (401.42 KB) COLOR JET EC Declaration of Conformity
View FileCOLOR JET Chromateq Fixture File    Size: (840 Bytes) COLOR JET Chromateq Fixture File
View FileCOLOR_JET PDF leaflet Deutsch    Size: (1.03 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_COLOR_JET_04892_de.pdf
View FileCOLOR_JET PDF leaflet English    Size: (1.03 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_COLOR_JET_04892_en.pdf
View FileCOLOR_JET PDF leaflet Français    Size: (1.03 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_COLOR_JET_04892_fr.pdf
View FileCOLOR_JET PDF leaflet Nederlands    Size: (1.03 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_COLOR_JET_04892_nl.pdf

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Customer Reviews (1)

Very Excited | Super enthousiastReview by Jennifer hayen
[English translation]

We are super excited about our purchase of 4 COLOR JET units...

Great product from JB Sytems!

Very compact.
All leds are tri leds and burn in the same color... something the competition does not have!

The blast is super powerful and the leds give a huge bright light effect on the smoke.

As I wrote this is a top product!

Jennifer hayen

[Original Message]

Wij zijn super enthousiast over onze aankoop 4 nieuwe COLOR JET units......

Geweldig product van JB Sytems!

Lekker compact gehouden en alle leds zijn tri leds en branden allemaal in dezelfde kleur wat concurrentie niet heeft....

De blast is super krachtig en de leds geven een enorm fel lichteffect op de rookpluim.

Zoals ik al zij jullie hebben hier een top product neergezet......doe zo verder

Jennifer hayen
ceo (Posted on 8/10/2017)

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