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The ultimate CD/USB player for bars, dance schools, studios, shops but also for DJs.
Recording mode: Recording from an external analog source to lossless WAV or MP3 format.
SKU: B00365
EANCODE: 5420025603652



  • The ultimate tool for bars, dance schools, studios, shops but also for DJs. Plays: Audio-CDs, but also CDs and USB-mass storage (USB-stick or hard drive) containing MP3 and WAV-files!
  • Record function : record from an external analog source to lossless WAV or MP3 format (64k – 128k – 192k – 256k – 320k bit rate), even whilst playing tracks from CD or USB.
  • Record monitor function: check your recorded signal instantly!
  • Manual or automatic recording processor: for easy, undistorted recordings.
  • The alphanumeric LCD display supports ID3V2 tags (song title, artist, album, genre & bitrate)
  • Full MP3 Playback, supports both CBR and VBR bitrate modes.
  • Full featured database lookup system: lightning fast selection of the desired tracks while the previous song is still playing! You can search on title, artist, genre, album or simply based on tracks/folders!
  • Free Windows Track-Indexer software available via download!
  • Jog wheel for pitch bending and precise 1/75sec frame search, also on MP3
  • Improved “smart random” function with 2 different modes:
    • TOTAL random: plays tracks, randomly selected from the complete USB-mass storage
    • SMART random: plays only tracks with certain genre or from a certain artist or album (avoids mix-up of 2 completely different music styles: perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, …)
  • IR-remote with loop, speed control, track search/select, volume, …: perfect for dance schools!
  • Balanced XLR-outputs and RCA/cinch outputs + RCA/cinch inputs for recording.
  • Anti-shock Memory 20 seconds on CD, 100% anti-shock on USB-mass storage
  • Seamless loop
  • Key Lock (Master tempo)
  • Instant start & auto cue function (-48dB)
  • Pitch ranges: +/-4% +/-8% +/-16% also on MP3
  • Full automatic beat counters
  • 4 different speed scan
  • Reads CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display
  • Single/continuous play

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

General : Dimensions (cm) 48.2 x 27 x 8.88
General : Weight (kg) 4.39
General : Color black
General : Powerinput AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
General : Works on battery N/A
General : Energy Label No
General : Power consumption W 13
General : Display LCD
General : Fixation 19" rack mountable
General : RU 2U
General : IP rating indoor
Control : Type included remote IR-Remote
Audio : supported audio formats MP3
Audio : supported audio media CD
Audio : functions pitch control
Connections : input rca, usb, IEC
Connections : output 3 pin XLR, rca
EANCode 5420025603652

Manual & Downloads

Manual & Downloads

View FileUSB 1.1 REC Manual DE    Size: (1.08 MB) USB 1.1 REC Manual Deutsch
View FileUSB 1.1 REC Manual ES    Size: (1.1 MB) USB 1.1 REC Manual Español
View FileUSB 1.1 REC Manual FR    Size: (1.11 MB) USB 1.1 REC Manual Français
View FileUSB 1.1 REC Manual NL    Size: (1.12 MB) USB 1.1 REC Manual Nederlands
View FileUSB 1.1 REC Manual PT    Size: (1.57 MB) USB 1.1 REC Manual Português
View FileUSB 1.1 REC Manual EN    Size: (1.08 MB) USB1.1 REC Manual English
View FileUSB 1.1 REC EC Declaration    Size: (221.57 KB) USB 1.1 REC EC Declaration of Conformity
View FileFAT32 formatter info    Size: (270.05 KB) FAT32 formatter info
View FileMP3 Track Indexer Software (Win)    Size: (9.28 MB) MP3 Track Indexer Software (Win)
View FileUSB_1.1_REC PDF leaflet English    Size: (531.75 KB) PDF_LEAFLET_USB_1.1_REC_00365_en.pdf
View FileUSB_1.1_REC PDF leaflet Français    Size: (534.33 KB) PDF_LEAFLET_USB_1.1_REC_00365_fr.pdf
View FileUSB_1.1_REC PDF leaflet Nederlands    Size: (532.65 KB) PDF_LEAFLET_USB_1.1_REC_00365_nl.pdf
View FileUSB_1.1_REC PDF leaflet Deutsch    Size: (533.18 KB) PDF_LEAFLET_USB_1.1_REC_00365_de.pdf

Reviews & References

Customer Reviews (2)

USB 1.1 RECReview by Marco
Only supports WAV 44.1K
[Reply JB Systems] The unit supports both MP3 and WAV. But in only records in WAV.

Does not support USB 3.0 256G stick. Does support USB 2.0 64G stick. Could not find anything in the manual whether USB 2 or 3 is supported.
[Reply JB Systems] The unit does support USB 3.0 256GB sticks. Your USB stick is probably still formated in NTFS. As written in the manual you have to reformat it to FAT32.

Does not always correctly detect WAVs. Sometimes I have to make a copy on PC of such an already existing WAV on the USB stick; after that the USB 1.1 REC did recognize the track (which is just an exact copy). With not recognizing I mean: the WAV filename is displayed, the ">" and "||" in the display change when pressing the Play button, but no time is displayed and no sound (while normally the total tracktime is displayed and when playing it counts down and sound).
[Reply JB Systems]
We have seen this issue in the past when there is an error in the WAV file (usually in the WAV header).
On a PC, software can still correctly display/play the WAV because of CPU power.
You can search the web for 'How to fix a WAV file' for a solution.

[Reply JB Systems] Please note this is a REVIEW section not a SUPPORT section ! Please contact your local JB Systems dealer for support.
(Posted on 2/10/2021)
Un enregistrement parfait / A perfect recordingReview by Dane
Facile à utiliser avec un peu de manipulation, le son est parfait en enregistrement et lecture
pas de souffle , j'ai enregistré mon clavier Yamaha en wav sur la clé usb en rec auto,
c'est super bien , bien pensé la télécommande. Pas de prise casque dommage, mais dans l'ensemble c'est bien. je recommande cet appareil pour sa qualité.

[English translation]

Easy to use with a bit of manipulation, the sound is perfect recording and playback.
I recorded my Yamaha keyboard to wav on a USB stick using REC AUTO and it sounded really good.
It comes with a well designed remote control.
Unfortunately there is no headphone jack.
I recommend this unit for its quality. (Posted on 7/27/2017)

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